Swim coaches Swim Smooth are key members of the HUUB design team - using their deep understanding of good stroke technique to improve the design and performance of every HUUB suit.

The big news this week is that Swim Smooth have just released their brand new Virtual Swim Coach, called the Swim Smooth Guru!

Watch the trailer here:


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Login to the Guru anytime and any place from your computer, smart-phone or tablet! It’s an ingenious system that’s completely different from anything else out there.

From just £1.99 / US$2.99 per month, the Guru improves all aspects of your swimming, from developing your stroke technique, to ingenious training sessions and preparing you properly for swimming in open water.

Track your progress towards your goal using the Guru dashboard:


Guru Dashboard


If you don’t have a good swim coach looking after your swimming the Guru is perfect for you!

Over the next few days we’ll be updating you with more details about how the Guru can improve your speed and efficiency in the water.

For more information or to sign up now, please visit Swim Smooth by clicking below.

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HUUB Training Swimwear -  New for 2016

We decided it was about time we gave our training swimwear collection a fresh new look.

HUUB Swimwear

Now when we first showed these around the HUUB office there were cries “Who’d be crazy enough to wear em!" and yeah we know, like Marmite, you either love em or hate em.

But let's be honest, they look crazy as!

Partnered with the sleek Black version, the HUUB Training Swimwear range is now available to buy online in two new and outstanding designs, Clubland and Houndstooth.