This week we’re featuring Swim Smooth’s ingenious new virtual swim coach, The Guru:

If you’ve come across Swim Smooth before, you’ll know that nobody does stroke technique better!

Guru says: Improve your swimming I shall


Within the Guru, work on fixing any issue in your stroke technique using the step-by-step “Fault Fixers”.

All the drills, visualisations and methods you need are available to you along the way:


Swim Smooth Guru


But what if you don’t know what’s holding you back? That’s where the system’s intelligence really comes in.

Identify yourself from the six classic Swim Types and follow an optimised pathway to improve all aspects of your swimming, working on areas of your stroke technique you might not have considered before:


Swim Smooth Guru


The Swim Types system is incredibly effective and by itself is a huge innovation in swim coaching, working on your individual needs

In fact if you’ve worked on your stroke technique but not improved as much as you would like, it’s likely you were following generic advice that wasn’t right for you. It’s time to get your swimming moving forwards again!

Tomorrow we’re going to take a look at the extensive training plans in the Guru and how you can use the system to model your swimming fitness and lead you forwards towards your goal.

For more information or to sign up now, please visit Swim Smooth by clicking below.


Pool Training Aids

HUUB are renowned for thinking outside the box and the range of HUUB pool training aids tick all the right boxes for swimmers.

Until now swimmers have basically been offered a one size fits all approach for pull buoys, frustrating both swimmers and coaches. For larger swimmers and leg sinkers, traditional pull buoys just don't cut it and offer little assistance in improving body alignment.

HUUB Pull BuoysThe HUUB Big Buoy 4 offers a massive 34 Newtons of buoyancy and the HUUB Toy Buoy 4 offers up 23 Newtons, compared to standard pull buoys that on average is just 17 newtons.

For athletes training for wetsuit swims, HUUB Pull Buoys are the perfect training partner and allow swimmers to simulate the leg lift offered by HUUB wetsuits.

HUUB KickboardThe HUUB Kickboard is the only kickboard designed around the Tri Bar position. With its relaxed sculpture design it offers a massive 42 newtons of buoyancy.

If you dedicate a portion of your pool time to the HUUB Kickboard, you will see improvements to your kick technique and increase leg strength.

View the full range of HUUB pool training aids and accessories online now.