This week we’re featuring Swim Smooth’s amazing new virtual swim coach, The Guru:

A very powerful feature of the Guru is the ability to program in any goal on any given date - for instance a Sprint Triathlon or Ironman you are training for, or perhaps to swim your first ever mile of front crawl in a few months time.

The Guru assesses your swimming ability and where you need to get to and lays out a complete pathway to get you from now to your goal - swim by swim!




Within the system there are 16 extensive training plans to cover all distances of triathlon swim and open water events from super-sprint triathlon right up to swimming the English Channel!

Don’t want to follow a plan but prefer to pick out sessions of a specific type? In the session library, there are a choice of over 300 unique sessions to follow organised by type from technique to CSS training to aerobic endurance.




What happens whilst you are training? The Guru analyses your fitness as you go along using a clever fitness model, telling you when you should be in peak shape and when not to worry as you’re just tired from training today.

What’s more, the system accurately sets your training paces as you go along, so that you are always doing the right amount of training at the right intensity for best improvements. He’s a clever Guru that’s for sure!

For more information or to sign up now, please visit Swim Smooth by clicking below.


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HUUB Swim Skins

The HUUB SKN-1 Triathlon Swim Skin, we believe, is the greatest tool to aid your potential in a non-wetsuit swim.

Swim Skins

Reducing frontal drag, a triathlon swimskin can help you perform at your best. In warmer water your SKN can be worn over your tri kit instead of a wetsuit, allowing you to transition easily and quickly.

Features a lock down zip. To remove the SKN fast in T1, flip up the zip to unlock it, then with both hands either side of your head pull the zipper apart and peel off the SKN ready for the bike leg.

Smaller and thinner than a wetsuit, SwimSkins are a great wetsuit alternative when the water is warm enough.


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