This is the final post in this weeks feature on Swim Smooth’s amazing new virtual swim coach, The Guru:

So you own a fantastic HUUB Wetsuit, already giving you a big advantage in the open water. But how do you make the most of your wetsuits potential with your swimming itself?

The Guru has a huge section focused on preparing you for a great outdoor swim on race day:


Swim Smooth Guru


The Guru shows you have to confidently approach open water swimming, improving your comfort levels and speed so you can swim as well as you should.We start on beginner skills such as getting used to swimming in cold water without a lane rope to follow, sighting technique and swimming straight before moving on to more advanced skills such as drafting, starts and super-fast turns - there’s nearly as much to learn as there is in the pool!

Plus, if you can’t easily train in open water regularly, the Guru shows you how to work on these skills in the pool - giving you a great workout and having a lot of fun at the same time - ingenious!

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Starting at just £1.99 / US$2.99 / AU$3.99 per month, the Swim Smooth Guru offers you everything you need to improve your swimming in one easy to use system.

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Research - Science - Reality


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We understand at HUUB that in order for our products to make a difference, we need to understand how products currently available perform and how we make changes be they minor or major. The ultimate goal for us here at HUUB is to maximise your potential.

By aligning ourselves with the worlds leading experts we are able to squash a few myths and realize a few ideas, some surprisingly we have been believing for years to improve our performance yet have no benefit whatsoever.

HUUB’s extensive research and scientific approach provide products that suit the individual athlete’s needs and support their performance.


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HUUB triathlon wetsuits are designed to improve buoyancy, lowering surface friction which helps to ensure you perform at your best during your tri swim. When you buy a triathlon wetsuit from HUUB you can be assured of quality and comfort, flexibility and efficiency.

Our range includes tri wetsuits for men, women and children, with neoprene flexibility, thickness and stretch that’s unmatched within the industry. Different buoyancy versions are available because swimming styles differ from person to person. Whether you have good body alignment or sinking legs, the right tri wetsuit can help your kick, stroke and body position.

Innovations such as bicep and calf release and the break-away zipper help you to perform at your best and transition as fast as possible. Can you afford not to invest in a HUUB wetsuit for your next open water event?


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