It’s taken a year for Jonny Brownlee to open up and reveal the secret to his success. With brother Alistair showcasing the strength and conditioning benefits of skipping some 12 months ago, we have now convinced Jonny to share the “Secret of his recent success.”

You may think the way he left Gomez and Co on the streets of Auckland in his wake there may have been something special in his training program that we have all yet to understand, something so simple that even as kids we weren’t aware of this great all round piece of equipment.

  • Tones your core
  • Keeps flexibility high
  • Assists with bi-lateral breathing technique
  • Strengthens lower back muscles
  • Highlights timing and gear change responsiveness with aided co-ordination
  • Gives exposure to the Colour green of the Tennis ball important when green swim buoys used
  • And most importantly allows Jonny to build friends around him who want to play. (still waiting for that one).

“There’s no great secret, its something simple really. When I was younger I would play Alistair and always beat him, well in fact, I used a cardboard cut out of Alistair because he was always off skipping. There is no great secret outside of my £27.99 “Swing-Ball set.”

“Mum and dad told me it was good to make friends, but I saw this as a way to beat everyone else as I had the core strength and co-ordination to take me to great heights.”

“I am aware that some younger athletes in the U.K. have also cottoned on to my secret, even though I’m not sure they’ve got it right though… too busy talking I hear.”

For more information please visit the HUUB website where we have uploaded the latest range of “Swing-ball” training plans.

Some people like to skip but winners swing.