Olympic youth triathlon champion and the only athlete to win the English Schools cross country three years in a row (since 1965) has revealed that the Secret Training Method of Jonny Brownlee is not as secret as he thinks.
Jonny Brownlee only revealed this morning that a key component of his training strategy is “swing ball”, but it would appear that UK-based Olympic Youth Champion Ben Dijkstra has not only been using this method for many years, but he has taken it to a new level  - Yes, that’s him, “double batting”!
Ben quoted  “ I know the Brownlee Brothers are something very special and the way they lead from gun to tape is something as an aspiring athlete I have been trying to emulate all my athletic career.
And that’s all great, but I ask you this Jonny…..  “Can you double bat?””
Obviously, Ben has a bright future, and what remains to be seen is whether the ‘double-batting’ style mastered by the 16-year old will reap its benefits. Already this year we have seen Ben win in Quarteira and take the national Duathlon Junior title.  It certainly looks as if there is something in swing ball….