October 21, 2015


Where’s my darn Hoverboard?

October 21st 2015...

Today is the day Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown went "Back to the Future" in part two of the epic 80's movie trilogy. There were a lot of predictions for how the year 2015 might turn out.

One of the biggest predictions was flying cars. Doc Brown modified the Delorean time machine so it would fit in with the cars in the future. Sadly in the real 2015 we haven't got close to flying cars, not even smart cars can fly!

The most popular future prediction was the Hoverboard and while there have been a couple of real world attempts at a "floating skateboard" even professor HUUB couldn't produce a gravity defying device!
To lessen the disappointment, we decided to create a kick-ass kickboard.

Unlike the Hoverboard in the movie, the HUUB Kickboard works on water! In fact, that's exactly what it has been designed for.

Used during pool training to help you improve your swim technique, the HUUB Kickboard is the only kickboard designed around the Tri Bar position. It features a relaxed sculpture design with masses of buoyancy.

This is not a toy, unless your playtime is doing massive kick sets to improve your swimming efficiency. Just be careful you don't hit 88mph!

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