Evan Pardi

This is a true story in the form of a letter we received from one of our customers, whose first competitive 70.3 swim in their new HUUB Albacore wetsuit led to them being accused of cheating and having to prove their innocence...

Dear HUUB,

I am a sceptic. I recently accepted my pro license here in the USA. I had spent three years swimming in an Xterra wetsuit and thought "all wetsuits are the same, this is fine, whatever." However, that suit got ripped all up after New York City Tri, and a very disappointing swim for me led me to think maybe I needed a better wetsuit. I did some research and chatted to the folks at Moxie Multisport in Arizona where I live who is a HUUB dealer. They told me the Albacore was a pretty dope suit, but I wasn't convinced entirely. However, I had 0 working wetsuits and recently had won some prize money (plus a bit of generous luck in selling off some old bike junk), so I spent the most amount of money on tri equipment I had spent in years on the Albacore.

This past weekend I finally did well at a 70.3. I have been OK at Olympic non-drafting and Xterra events, but 70.3 eluded me. I won in an official time of 4:07, but I biked an extra 2 miles since I missed the first turn because... I came out of the water first, and no one was ready, so I'm claiming a sort of 4:04ish time. This was a large regional race in Los Angeles with a few other pros. Here is where the fun story comes in. I swam a 24-minute swim for the 70.3, a solid PR for me in the swim and I felt incredible. I must confess I hadn't tested the suit much before this (aka one 200 yard swim) but my sweet god this suit was incredible. I felt naked to the water, and everything just flew along, I felt like a majestic tuna. So because I swam SO fast, and beat the next pro out of the water by 4 minutes a rumour spread that I MUST have cut the course! Your suit was so fast I was accused of cheating. Well in the end after I had won the race, I turned over all the relevant Garmin data, and the leading paddleboarder confirmed I had done all the buoys and swam the full distance. This suit was so fast I got in trouble.

I am no longer a sceptic. I am a believer in this company. I am but a young 25-year-old pro trying to better his way in the pro fields and with not much money, but this purchase of the Albacore was the single greatest investment I have ever made in the sport of triathlon.

Yours in water and neoprene,

Evan Pardi