Dave Scott

6x IRONMAN™ Triathlon World Champion Dave Scott talks about the benefits of compression socks and compression sleeves, and why we should wear them.

1 - Post-exercise healing
If the legs are static (sitting) there can be two consequences that hamper recovery; blood pooling in the feet and calves and due to the microfiber tearing from predominately running, there will be oedema (swelling), and this prolongs recovery. The compression socks start the huge pumping action from the foot veins. One of the key veins has been given the glorious title of “The Great Saphenous Vein”. If you use the socks, this enhances the pumping and therefore accelerates the healing.

2 - Reduces swelling
Compression minimises joint stiffness and potential irritation to the joints - specifically the feet, ankles, and knees. Even though the socks do not go over the knees, the pumping action reduces knee swelling.

3 - Reduces the potential for strains
Soft tissue strains are more susceptible within 48 hours after a hard session. Expediting recovery with compression reduces the potential for fascia, tendon and muscle strain.

4 - Feel refreshed
Compression now has a 'cool' factor for pre and post-training, plus post-racing your legs are going to feel refreshed. Quite often post-training or racing, everyone climbs into their car - a leg death sentence without the socks!

5 - Less muscle wobble = more muscle economy
Good data on muscle wobble... This loose vibration that occurs on impact during running reduces the potential output from the muscles. Sounds weird but keeping the muscles contained increases circulation and muscle economy.

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