Marc and Helen Jenkins need little introduction as one of the most prolific triathlon couples in the UK or indeed the world. Marc an Olympian himself is an incredible coach has coached Helen to three Olympics Games and two World Championship titles.

While hugely impressive, none of that is news. What is news though, is that they are opening up their doors to a broader audience working with Precision Coaching and signing up athletes that want to learn from some of the very best in the business and take their triathlon performance to the next level.

So why Precision? Helen commented, “Being an elite athlete myself, I’m really lucky that I have access to brilliant physios, nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches and all these people work as a team together to make me better.  I’ve never seen that set up anywhere else for an Age Group triathlete. To be able to access all those things make you a better athlete and get to the finish line faster.”

At Precision Coaching the coaches and specialists communicate regularly in order for the athletes to achieve the best training plan having considered the athletes' needs and aims. Athletes are allocated a lead coach who is then supported by the rest of the team’s knowledge and experience. Precision’s view is that no one coach or specialist has all the answers but together sharing knowledge and methodology the athlete gets the best outcome. An example of this is on the injury front. If an athlete has an injury before starting with Precision or indeed has an accident while training the coach and Dr John Allen will work together to build the program around the injury so that training is as efficient as possible. This avoids details being missed which is critical as a professional athlete, and a unique approach of the precision team replicating a collaborative team approach the Jenkins’ have.

Will Usher, Precision Founder and Coach added, “Over the years we managed to establish some exceptionally strong relationships in the industry not least with Marc and Helen. Six of our coaches or specialists can list the Olympics in their resumes. It’s a real pleasure to be able to offer this level of service to our athletes and watch them grow to achieve and surpass their goals.”

Precision also offers 1:1 sessions on Zwift riding together while coaching on FaceTime or Skype. This takes the form of a pure coaching role talking you through your session, taking times and encouraging etc.  Zwift allows the coach to switch their screen to yours so they can see all the data in real time which when combined with FaceTime or Skype puts the coach in the room wherever you are in the world. The results that have been coming back from this have been staggering.

For the more adventurous you can get the coach’s avatar working with and for you in a Zwift race as a domestique. Imagine riding and talking with Marc or Helen Jenkins or both in the bunch and getting a lead-out for the final sprint onto The Mall!

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