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If you want to pick up a bargain wetsuit from the leading triathlon outfitter, then there are only a few opportunities each year to secure yourself that cheap wetsuit. Typically, HUUB host online Ex-Demo sales twice a year, generally at the beginning of the year and then towards the end of the triathlon race season. We explain exactly what an Ex-Demo product is and give you our top tips for securing yourself a good wetsuit deal.

What is an Ex-Demo?

An Ex-Demo product is an item that has been opened or used in some way. It could have been on display, used for fitting purposes, returned by a customer or used at a demo event. An athlete could have tested a lower grade, such as a C or they could have been hired out for a race or season. Ex-Demo products are sold with a 30-day warranty. Please be aware that we sometimes have other neoprene products such as Kickpants and Buoyancy Shorts in our Ex-Demo sale, not just wetsuits.

How do the Grades work?

The Ex-Demo wetsuit grading from A to C is based on the aesthetic standard of the wetsuit. It will not affect its actual performance. The lower the Grade, the less you pay. You can get a Grade A for close to, or in some cases less than half price.

Grade A - Almost as good as new. Some may have been used for sizing purposes and may or may not still have the labels attached.

Grade B - Very good condition. These wetsuits will have been used more frequently for sizing than grade A. Will have the odd fingernail mark or some fading of printing in certain areas.

Grade C - You may get a used ex-rental or pre-owned wetsuit. Some larger patch repairs or panel replacements (these could be in a different colour neoprene to the rest of the suit) may have been made to these suits, all carried out by our specially selected company based here in the UK. There may be some fingernail marks from fitting or the printing may show signs of fading or peeling. None of this affects performance in any way.

How do I find out about an Ex-Demo Wetsuit Sale?

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Be prepared for the sale with our top tips to bag the best deal…

1) If you have any questions or sizing queries, it is best to speak our customer service team as soon as possible. We have a great team waiting to assist you, but please be aware that in busy periods it can take up to two working days to respond to enquiries via email and online contact form. For an immediate response, it is best to contact us during office hours via telephone or the live chat function on our website.

2) Size charts for each product can be found at the bottom of the product page or click the ‘Size Guide’ link under the size options.

3) Ex-Demo Wetsuits sell fast, and we may only have one or two wetsuits per size and grade. If an item you are interested in has sold out then make sure you provide your email address via the ‘Email Me When Available’ button. Our Ex-Demo stock changes daily and if that product comes back into stock, you will get an alert via email as soon as it does.

5) Take advantage of the great prices on offer, and remember these sales only happen a few times a year! 

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