Big Lock Up

Derby's Big Lock Up took place on Friday 20th April 2018 and Deano was Derby's most wanted, raising £2040 for the Mayor of Derby’s five chosen charities! Derbyshire Police (mock) arrested the ten inmates who raised the most money at their place of work and were then transferred to the cells at Riverside Chambers, where they were forced to undertake a series of tasks to earn food rations along with the other inmates.

Dean Jackson, HUUB owner, said “A big big thank you to everyone who donated to the ‘Big Lock Up’ fundraiser I took part in a couple of weeks ago… I know who you are and will thank you personally when is see you. We had a great time undertaking the lock up and also making the arrest videos. But like any good movie, there was a group of ‘Easter Eggs’ that could win you a £500 HUUB Gift Card. I was wearing a series of t-shirts with a series of numbers on, those numbers related to famous prison or imprisonment moments fictional and fact… So the first person to guess what the numbers refer to will win a £500 gift card. And please, of course, do feel free to send over any more donations!”

In case you forgot you can watch Deano’s arrest video here:

To enter, please comment on this post. Your comments won't show on the website as we have to approve them first, which means the fun won't be ruined for anyone else who wants a guess. We will be able to see the times of comments submitted to know who was correct first.


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