HUUB Wattbike


HUUB Wattbike left for Australia in high spirits at the beginning of December, giving them plenty of time to acclimatise (take a look at the HUUB Wattbike Instagram account) to the 30°C and above heat.

The first two rounds of the UCI Track World Cup might not have gone exactly to plan, but Brisbane has always been the focus. Ashton Lambie is making his return from duties with USA cycling. Form and morale are at an all-time high, and the guys are riding faster than they ever have before.

Brisbane is 10 hours ahead of us in the UK (GMT). The Team Pursuit races take place on Friday 13th December:

  • Team Pursuit qualifying starting 12:42 (02:42 GMT)
  • Team Pursuit rounds starting 16:13 (06:13 GMT)
  • Team Pursuit finals starting 19:50 (09:50 GMT)




John Archibald

"This Brisbane World Cup is going to be quick. There's no easy route to the finals, but as a team, we are riding faster than ever, and morale is high. One final "upgrade package" and who knows... maybe we'll surprise everyone."

Ashton Lambie

"It's been a big year since winning London World Cup with HUUB Wattbike, and I'm beyond stoked to be back to ripping it with these guys! After the disappointment of the last few World Cups, I'm excited to see what we can do down here in Brisbane!"

Will Perrett

"As the newest member of the team, the previous World Cups have been a massive learning opportunity. But now I feel comfortable competing at an international level. I want to strive in this environment, and I'm ready to put in a big performance in Brisbane."

Jonny Wale

"It's very likely that the Brisbane World Cup will be the final World Cup I will ever ride. It's common knowledge that I'm a massive fan of the sport, and as you can imagine, it's been an absolute dream to race alongside my heroes. If you look back at our original outing as Team KGF back in 2017, it's outrageous to see how far we've come and how much we've influenced the sport. It's been one hell of a journey. But we're not dead yet, still plenty of time to kill off some nations one last time!"

Dan Bigham

"It's been some journey since we rocked up in Poland back in 2017, turned a few heads and ruffled a few feathers. I like to think we're still the same, but we've stepped up so much in a little over two years. We're professional and respected throughout track centre, thanks to our partners who have enabled us to be just that. It might be our last ever world cup, so we're rolling out a big upgrade package, and I'm determined to go out on a high."