Alistair Brownlee took the Gold in Stockholm but only just managed to take the top place podium ahead of brother Jonny with a tiny 10 second lead. It really was neck and neck between them right up to the last kilometre.

This is the second 1 & 2 finish for the brothers after taking the win in Leeds just a couple of weeks ago.

Alistair can be seen above wearing the HUUB Archimedes // wetsuit with Jonathan wearing the new HUUB Aerious // wetsuit.

Exiting the water just seconds apart, Alistair can be seen above wearing the HUUB Archimedes // wetsuit with Jonathan wearing the new HUUB Aerious // wetsuit.

Richard Varga swam a strong 1500m to make him the first out the water with Raoul Shaw exiting just a second behind him along with Henri Schoeman 4th out.

For the women, Helen Jenkins took Bronze with Mari Rabie and Aileen both putting in a strong performance.

Helen Jenkins gives her review of the Stockholm race and what's ahead...

"It has been a great start to the year. 3 podium’s from 3 races, Rio selection and at this point all is going well and to plan. We are in a great position heading into the last 7 weeks build to Rio. I’m fit and waiting for my green light to train harder and put more intensity, which isn’t going to happen until we go to Portugal for the pre Rio training camp.

"The Stockholm World Series race wasn’t important in the grand scheme of things and with that in mind I trained pretty hard to the Tuesday before the race. We then had the Rio kitting out day on Wednesday, which was exciting to get our the kit but a long draining day, followed by a busy travelling day Thursday, Friday doing some press and just trying to recover before a Saturday race. I was glad the race was Saturday afternoon to have a morning spent resting up. Going into a race with a disrupted preparation and feeling fatigued isn’t ideal but the focus is purely on Rio so it was important to focus on the longer term goal and not worry too much about Stockholm.

"I had a poor swim, which is normally one of my strengths, so I made life hard for myself at the start of the day! I got on the bike and rode 1.5 laps without anyone else taking a turn to get back in contention, I felt great on the bike and this was a massive positive to take from the race with the focus on Rio being a tough bike course. The run I felt okay, I felt a little flat and stuck in one gear but due to where I am in my training cycle its probably to be expected. The positive is, after a terrible swim, extremely high training fatigue, no pre race sessions I still walk away with a 3rd and getting a result from an average day is always good!"

We will see how I am the next day or so before we make any decisions on what’s next. I’m excited about the next few weeks. From this point, my training will pick up similar to the Gold Coast and I make massive gains from simply doing a few races and a few harder run sessions.