Advice from the pros

Great Britain and HUUB triathlete, Tom Bishop, gives you his top 5 tips for training under the current restrictions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Hi guys, here’s my advice for training over the next few weeks or months...
    1. Avoid groups, train by yourself as much as you can but if you do meet with anyone to train, obviously try to keep your distance.
    2. Routine. Keep it simple, manageable and maintainable. Now you have loads more time (if you’ve been asked not to work) don’t go and smash yourself and do things you’re not able to maintain, you don’t want to injure yourself or stress your immune system.
    3. I’m treating this week as a bit of a mid-season break. The I’ll start building a routine with the same training principles as normal, such as 10% progression, variety and also recovery.
    4. Use some imagination for swimming. I’m going to set up a home-based circuit to represent the swim in a race. For me I don’t want to do anything more than 30 mins. This is a manageable amount of time to do some swimming based exercises. I’ll keep it quite high-intensity to almost simulate the swim during a race. I’ll probably use some visualisation and video to help. There’s plenty going around the internet, but simple core and upper-body exercises will be my main focus.
    5. Use this time to try a few new things. I’m going to do a lot by myself so I’ll have the freedom to give new sessions a go.

Britain's best open water swimmer and performance mindset coach, Jack Burnell, gives his advice.

My words of advice would be to just remember you can only control what you can control. It is a complete waste of energy worrying and concerning yourself with factors that are out of your hands. When it comes to training regarding the gym, if you have enough space on the floor of your living room to starfish then you have a gym. There are hundreds of great body weight exercises that require no equipment. In times like this its about showing great character and resilience. 

USA long-distance athlete and coach, Kevin Collington, shares how he is adjusting to training. 

Our swimming pools shut down so swim training is now 100% stretch cords based or VASA trainer if an athlete has one. Stretch cords are the cheapest option though, I have mine tethered to my couch and do some swim specific strength every second day. This combined with continuing cycling and running training should mean a quick return to swim fitness once the pandemic starts to die down.

For cycling and running, if an athlete's community isn't on lockdown then outdoors is still OK in small groups or on your own. For those on lock down, the turbo for cycling and a treadmill for running are the options. Most people have a stationary bike trainer, and that is going to be key to holding onto aerobic fitness during this time. With no races on the schedule, the hurry of race-prep fitness can be replaced by a return to basic aerobic fitness and staying healthy.