Covid-19 Message


Here's where we stand… Along with the rest of you, among a great pile of panic and concern, where our health, livelihoods, and future is on the line...

We are doing all the right things:

We are disinfecting.
We are washing.
We are distancing.
We are elbow bashing, and we are keeping a watch on each other.

Our staff have been incredible.
No one has had to self isolate.
No one has questioned if they will get paid.
No one has doubted that we will get over this.

Are we alone? No, we sure are not, other businesses have been in touch, sharing concern and sending best wishes between ourselves.
Are we the biggest sufferers because triathlon has stopped? No, we are not, our hearts go out to those who have built businesses of all sizes, some with strong foundations and others just need a couple of poor weeks to sink them.
Are we worried? Yes we are, are we keeping a focus… You bet!

What are we going to do?

We are going to look after our staff.
We are going to support our team and their families regarding working hours.
We are going to give those with young families the most opportunity to be home.
We are going to support our suppliers but also ask for their support back.
We are going to ask for leniency and offer leniency.
We are going to do what we can to keep doing what we do best, be it at home or work.

What we need to happen:

We need the government to look after us and other businesses the best they can.
We need the government to make access to funds as easy as it can be.
We are going to need the government to be lenient after the storm.
We are going to need the government to help landlords and those who are placed on statutory sick pay.
We are going to need the government to do the right thing, and we will pay it back in abundance when the threat has passed.

What we can draw from this:

We all love our sport and lifestyle, but it isn't the be-all and end-all.
We all love our travels and trips, but it isn't the be-all and end-all.
We all love training outside and riding with friends - enjoy it while we can.
We all love the community our sport and business offers, so let's do it remotely and from afar, but let's not forget it.
We all love to train on our smart trainers, but let's do it when we need to - get out while you can.

What we ask of our triathlete friends:

Please stick with us, and we'll stick with you.
Support domestic companies when the storm passes, because they support livelihoods around us.
Send us messages of what you are up to, tell us how you are still training and keep motivated.
The racing season isn't over. It is just postponed.

But most of all... Use this as a reset:

Reset some priorities.
Reset your goals.
Reset your timetable.
Reset your screen time.
Reset your health.
Reset your kindness to those less fortunate.

Our sport is not different from any other, and our business is not different from any other. We are all going to feel pain.

But remember, there will be some families and individuals who will have lost loved ones and are feeling pain like you can't imagine.

Stay safe.

Here we go, hold on, keep training, keep loving, and keep smiling….

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