The Wetsuit's That Win

Colin Morley | Colin Morley Photography

We knew the Brownlee's had the ability to dominate a race, but last weekend’s bike prowess broke the race apart and the brothers played to their home town audience for a 1-2 finish. With 4 Brits in the top 5, the men's race was a success in racing tactics, athletic ability, and determination.

Colin Morley | Colin Morley Photography

The swim exit at Roundhay Park saw HUUB wetsuits dominate. The first 3 out of the water donned the Albacore and Aerious 2 wetsuits. 
With the front three displaying swimming abilities like no other in triathlon, Richard Varga (first out of the water) wearing the new Albacore, Jonny Brownlee following behind in the Aerious 2, and the super swimmer from France Raul Shaw, also in the Albacore, spearheading the pack showing full dominance in the swim.

Dave Tyrrell | Dave Tyrrell Photography

We are proud that all of our suits are built to the qualities and performance demanded from the world's best athletes, no matter which model you choose. Your hard work and commitment, combined with our research and development shows there is no reason why a personal best performance can't be a regular occurrence.