David McNamee

HUUB’s David McNamee lives in Girona, Spain, which has recently been hard hit by Coronavirus. He, along with the rest of Spain, is stuck in self-isolation right now and can only leave the house for essential or emergency journeys. Sport is banned, and all pools are closed. As he is in the middle of it, here is what he has learned...

1) Even after 24 years of swimming regularly, I miss it. I always told people that once I retire from being a professional my days in the pool would be over. However, the pool was something I took for granted and its not until it was taken away from me that I realised how much I am still in love with swimming. Fuel for the fire for when the pool is finally reopened!

2) Swim bands are a wonderful tool. I have been doing 30 minutes of band work each morning to strengthen the swim muscles and to try and keep the feel for what I am doing. I have also increased my gym work to compensate for not being in the pool.  

3) If like me you find yourself with lots of extra time on your hands then spend some of that stretching. Swimming helps keep things loose, especially your back and even after just a couple of days out the pool I started to notice tightness where I never have before. 

4) Remember its only sport. It sucks that we cannot do it as we want, but if you can maintain some sort of fitness and form during this time, then the comeback will be a lot quicker.  

5) Above all, you will realise how much you love our sport!