What is the Fellowship of Speed

How do you deliver proven speed? We asked Dean Jackson, owner of HUUB, to divulge all the details on the Fellowship of Speed and explain what that means to you, the athlete.

HUUB saw an opportunity (and need) in the marketplace: To carefully develop triathlon and cycling gear that is proven to help athletes go faster. No guessing. No baseless marketing hyperbole. Just a drive to utilise some of the best minds and technology in the world to develop, test and craft gear that is 100% proven to shave watts, increase speed, perform beyond existing expectations edge and give their athletes a verifiable competitive advantage. The Fellowship of Speed was born.

Dean Jackson, HUUB Owner, explained, “The introduction of team HUUB Wattbike marks a refinement of that objective - an orchestrated, single-minded drive to deliver not just performance as a general concept, but a focused promise to deliver verified, documented and proven speed. To that end, we’ve convened a group of some of the greatest minds - engineers, physicists, skilled craftspeople, nutritionists. A brilliant, curious, collaborative, determined collective who ponder the impossible, explore the unachievable and spend nearly all of their waking hours on an unwavering journey to conquer them both.”

The Fellowship of Speed are the men and women who are at the core of HUUB’s promise to deliver the fastest kit available. The people who are providing their athletes at every level with the largest gains possible and real competitive advantage. The people who push HUUB’s promise of speed to a whole new level.

The Minds Behind the Gains

By creating a collaborative of experts and world-class athletes, HUUB has taken product development and testing to another level; a level that has already resulted in multiple World Cup wins and world records. But that’s just the beginning. The Fellowship of Speed is comprised of CFD engineers; experts in sports engineering and physiology; aerodynamicists; kinesiologists; nutrition scientists; Olympians and World Champions. It’s this team that is driving advancements in performance for HUUB’s triathlon and cycling lines:

  • Dan Bigham (Aerodynamicist & Product Design Engineer / HUUB Wattbike Test Team)
  • Luke Dalby (Vorteq Sports / Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer)
  • Dr. Steve Faulkner (Sports Engineering & Physiology, Nottingham Trent University)
  • Dean Jackson (Founder, HUUB Design)
  • Helen Jenkins (World Champion Triathlete / Olympian)
  • Rob Lewis, OBE (Managing Director, TotalSim UK / Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer)
  • John Mercer, Ph.D. (University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences)
  • Jacob Tipper (HUUB Design / Pro Cyclist)
  • Huub Toussaint (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
  • Greg Whyte, OBE (Physical Activity Expert / Olympian)

Speed Unites Us

The Fellowship has one objective: Speed. Whether it’s the complete understanding of water, air, human physiology, nutrition or the challenge of endurance sport, each Fellow brings something extraordinary and unique to the table. However, it’s the collaboration that amplifies the capabilities of the individuals and transforms that energy and knowledge into category-defining products; products that every serious triathlete or cyclist will benefit from.

Dean Jackson, founder of HUUB put it this way, “Your kit needs to perform impeccably in any given condition and do one thing that virtually no one is addressing in a verified, proven manner: Get you from point A to point B faster. And while there’s no harm in looking good, if you’re more concerned about fashion than fast, you have other choices. If you’re truly concerned about going as fast as possible, then our Fellowship of Speed tri and cycling gear will certainly be of interest.”

HUUB Wattbike & The Future Impact

The HUUB Wattbike Test Team is perhaps the most compelling sports story of the past year and it’s been fuelled by the Fellowship of Speed’s work. With a fraction of the funding of state-sponsored track teams, HUUB Wattbike demolished expectations and had the track world rethinking what it takes to win. Wearing a skinsuit developed by HUUB’s Fellowship of Speed, the team has won multiple World Cup medals and secured many world records. It’s clear that the Fellowship is providing some serious advancements, but that’s just one example. The Fellowship’s ingenuity is currently being applied to wetsuits, tri suits, time trial and road cycling kit as well. And, while the Fellowship of Speed mark will be applied only to a very special subset of HUUB’s product line, HUUB fully expects that super special technology to trickle down to many HUUB products over time.

Dean Jackson, concluded the discussion, “Painstakingly developed. Rigorously tested, retested and perfected. Documented and absolutely proven to perform. No hollow hyperbole. No marketing hype. Just real, verifiable speed.”