Drum roll please! We are really excited to announce the winners of our wetsuit competition which closed at the end of June.

We asked you ‘Why do you tri?’ and we have been so overwhelmed by some of the stories you have posted that we just had to share some of them here with you.

The Inspirational

“I tri because after losing 10st and turning 40 I'm the fittest and healthiest I have ever been and in turn my efforts will show my children that doing triathlons that they can achieve anything they want to in life.”
Michael Dallard

“I tri, to prove that no matter what no one can ever tell you, you can't. I was born with club feet and compete at Ironman and race to win myself.”
Chris Whitehead

“I tri because I was 20 stone and going in the wrong direction. Decided to do the Jenson Button tri and was hooked. I now tri to stay fit and stay happy and enjoy life and training.”
Andy Donnelly


The Moving

“I tri to keep sane and fit. 30 years ago I was electrocuted and my limb was amputated above the knee and for the last 25 years I would not leave the house due to anxiety. Last October I joined a Tri club to swim and get some fitness back. Not only can I now swim but I can ride a road bike with one limb and run on my crutches. I am sure I will make even more friends when I finish the Para Tri in Hamburg this July.”
John Williams

“I Tri because after my wife was diagnosed with the BRCA 1 Gene and went through a breast reduction and double mastectomy we both had a new look on life. We now try and lead a healthy lifestyle so we can be here for our 12 week old son and in the future set a good example to him and other family members and friends. We haven't let this have a negative effect on our family ONLY a positive and treat it as a new adventure.”
Tom Coaton


The Motivating

“I Tri - to inspire others. I took up multisport 2 years ago after a local event came to our town and was hooked. So much so I started a new Triathlon club ( Teme Leisure Tri) in January this year and we already have over 80 members - the majority never having done multisport or triathlon before!”
Lee Hassan

“I Tri because i couldn't,,,,,,and now i can !,,,I Try because i wouldn't.......and now i would ! I Tri...to improve, to compete with my peers...because it will keep me vibrant and healthy for years !! ”
Paul Evans

“I tri because it keeps diabetes at bay, keeps me sane and is my most enjoyable activity each week.”
Grant Womack


And the Funny

I tri because if I didn't I would be bored and a little lardy!! 
So I get to eat what I want when I want! I also love seeing the achievement of others always brings lump to my throat!”
Wayne Purchase

“I like food and cake. Triathlon is the necessary conduit to eat sh1t loads.”
Stuart Rogers

“It's my 'Mid life crisis”
Lucy McDermott


Thank you to everyone for your moving, funny and motivating reasons why you tri.

And so without further ado, we are really pleased to announce that Garry Ingham and Louise Maguire are the lucky winners of a HUUB wetsuit each.

See the original post on Facebook here, and maybe tell us why YOU tri?