HUUB Albacore

The Albacore Project

In 1949 US researchers set out to create the fastest, most hydrodynamic and agile submarine in the world – named ‘The Albacore’. The groundbreaking project took them on a journey of idea generation, testing, retesting and continual improvement, the ultimate example of Science, Research, Reality.

HUUB’s Albacore project is inspired by this history; it is our mission to develop the fastest products through water.

This is an endless journey for us. We continually create new materials and develop new technologies that throw up more questions than answers, but they provide us with more avenues to pursue in our quest to produce the optimum equipment for open water, triathlon and pool swimming.

The Albacore project allows our Research and Design Team, led By Professor Huub Toussaint, to sit aside the normal confines of sales seasons and competitive pressure. Our team simply research and refine so that all our products, when they come to market, are the very fastest possible at that point in time.

Albacore products are the very Omega of the world in which we compete. And while you may never get to know the days, weeks, and months, spent testing and analysing the results, you will feel the benefits.

"It’s what you don't see that makes YOU faster"

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