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Children grow quickly. At HUUB we are aware of this, and we are offering an upgrade to the next size for £54.99. Simply buy the upgrade online here. We will then email you the returns form, for you to return with your existing Atom or Atom II wetsuit. Once received we will send you the next size required on a 3-5 working day delivery, stock permitting.

If you are upgrading from a Large (age 12-13) Atom to an adult wetsuit (age 14-16), you will pay £99.99 but will be provided with a wetsuit worth up to £249.99. You may be given a new wetsuit, or if you prefer you could get an ex-demo wetsuit of a similar value taking into account the discount depending on the grade of the suit. For example, you may be able to get an ex-demo Archimedes II Grade A which HUUB would sell for £249.99, whereas a brand new Archimedes II would be £494.99. If you have a preference please specify this on your returns form, and we will contact you to let you know what is available.

SIZE UPGRADE ONLY: This is a size upgrade only for your current HUUB Atom or Atom II Junior Triathlon Wetsuit. To purchase the wetsuit for the first time, please click here: HUUB Atom II Junior Triathlon Wetsuit.

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