• LV5 Ghost Bikes Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey - Womens
  • LV5 Ghost Bikes Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey - Womens

LV5 Ghost Bikes Short Sleeve Cycle Jersey - Womens

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LV5 - Ghost Bikes Cycle Jersey - Limited Availability

We will donate 25% of the sale to the

Las Vegas Tri Club Legacy Scholarship.

On 10th December, 5 Las Vegas athletes were killed when a driver of a truck fell asleep and ran into a group of cyclists. The athletes were:

Tom Trauger
Erin Ray
Aksoy Ahmet
Michael Murray
Gerrard Nieva

These five athletes are endearingly referred to as TEAMG (Tom, Erin, Aksoy, Michae, and Gerrard). 

Following their deaths, there has been an upswell of community support for the families and survivors directly affected. There has also been a renewed call for action to create a safer environment for athletes to train in the Greater Las Vegas Valley.


The Legacy Scholarship

The purpose of the Las Vegas Triathlon Club Legacy Scholarship is to honor the legacy of TEAMG as well as any local triathlete who have passed away. The Legacy Scholarship is designed to encourage involvement in triathlon by new athletes, youth athletes, and/or continuing athletes in special need. 

Ghost Bikes

Each bike symbolises a life lost while on a bicycle.

Let us not forget those who are killed while riding their bicycle. Like a tribe Ghost Bikes will place a white bicycle at the location where the cyclist was struck.

Each bike is built with a simple goal: to remind everyone to slow down, be safe and respectfully coexist with each other.




  • Full-length HUUB Cam Lock Zipper
  • Lightweight breathable mesh underarm panels
  • Three piped pocket rear design with side zipper
  • Arms Neutral™ set sleeves

HUUB’s Cam Lock Zipper:

No one likes a zipper coming undone or pulling down when you don’t need it to! HUUB’s Cam Lock Zipper locks in place until you activate it by simply lifting the puller. Once activated you don’t need to pull the zipper down, just pull your clothing apart!

Arms Neutral™ Set Sleeves:

HUUB created Arms Neutral to enhance the body position most held during your activity and is a feature originally derived from our wetsuits. The cycling kit sleeves are cut in an arms forward position, to create neutral fabric tension on the body in your most held position.

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