HUUB Triathlon Bags

Triathlon bags are especially designed for carrying your tri gear, and can provide invaluable support at transition stages where clothing, shoes, helmets and even water and nutrition need to be on hand. A great tri bag will help you organise your tri kit so nothing is amiss, and as a result will help you transition faster. If you’re preparing for your first triathlon, a transition bag might seem like a luxury. However you’ll soon appreciate the value of a high quality triathlon kit bag when you have less to worry about on race day.

HUUB triathlon transition rucksacks and dry bags provide waterproof storage areas for your wetsuit, padded straps and back padding for comfort, pockets for essentials and mesh sleeves for more delicate items. Along with all HUUB tri gear, we have researched and tested our triathlon bags to provide the optimum product to help you perform at your best. Don’t leave your results to chance or risk lost or missing tri kit. Plan and prepare like a triathlete by using a tri bag.