Athlete Profile - Lucy Charles


From a very young age Lucy Charles knew she wanted to be an athlete. It didn’t really matter what sport she just wanted to excel at it. She credits her school swim instructor for taking up swimming at the age of 8. Hoddesdon S.C. was the best local club so joining their squad seemed the obvious choice for here. She grew to love the sport, working her way up to county champion aged 9, regional champion at the age of 13 and eventually national champion at 16. By the age of 17 Lucy was representing Great Britain at major competitions. At the age of 20 she turned to triathlon due to a reoccurring shoulder injury. Thankfully her shoulder is now fully recovered but changing sport to triathlon has been the best decision she ever made. She's now looking to pursue a career as a professional Triathlete as she is extremely driven and dedicated to the sport. There is always a smile guaranteed when she crosses the finish line!

Personal Information

Born: 15th September 1993
Residence: London, UK


IRONMAN Lanzarote - Gold

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