Frequently Asked Questions


What are the little tears on my wetsuit?

'Nail nicks' is a term normally used to describe little tears in the neoprene due to the U shape of the tear. Neoprene is durable but can be delicate and it can tear if you catch it on something, not just with your nails. When putting it on it's best to turn the wetsuit inside out for as long as possible and pull on the inner material rather than pulling on the neoprene outside. If little tears do develop, then you can easily repair them yourself with a little amount of puncture repair glue or Black Witch adhesive. It's best to apply this deep inside the cut by folding back the neoprene to open it up and then using the corner of a business card with a little glue on it for a neater application. Then when you lay the neoprene flat it seals the tear.


Can you repair my damaged wetsuit?

We don't offer repairs at HUUB, we use a wetsuit repair company in Cornwall called Techneopro. They offer very good rates for repairs and do a fantastic job.

Here is their website for more details and to get a quote:


My wetsuit feels very tight on my chest and shoulders?

Any tightness across the chest and shoulders can usually be relieved by pulling the wetsuit further up the body and also more into the armpits.

If you haven't seen it already then we have a fitting video which can help here:


The neck on my wetsuit feels like it's choking me?

If you feel any tightness around the front of your neck, then this is relieved by pulling up the wetsuit at the back to square the suit off on your shoulders. By default we automatically pull them up at the front more so we really need to pull up the back of the wetsuit to compensate that. The best way to adjust this on your own is to put your hands either side your head and slide your thumbs into the back of the neck of the wetsuit either side of the zip. Grip the wetsuit with your fingers (not your nails) and pull upwards while wriggling your body. You should feel it move up your back and then that choking feeling should subside.

If you haven't seen it already then we have a fitting video which can help here:


What is the best way to store my wetsuit?

Before storing the suit...

Ensure the suit is rinsed thoroughly inside and out. Clean water should be enough, no cleaning agents should be needed. Make sure the wetsuit is left to dry completely before storing. It's usually best to dry inside out first, then reverse it. Hanging it in a shower is a good place so it can drip dry.

To store the suit...

You can loosely fold it and put it in the supplied mesh bag on a shelf out of harms way but don't stack anything on top of it. You can also hang the wetsuit in a wardrobe using a wide shouldered, rounded hanger. Not the thin plastic or wire type. If you have the space to lay it flat under a bed or sofa then that is also an option. We would recommend covering with a sheet or something to protect it from dust etc.


Can I use my wetsuit in the pool?

Chlorine is not a very friendly chemical to any material or even ourselves! We highly recommend removing the wetsuit right after a pool swim and ensure it is rinsed thoroughly inside & out with warm water and then left to dry naturally.


Can I have a totally custom kit for my tri club?

We can certainly look into this for you so please Contact Us with the total number of kit pieces needed and the custom requirements you have.


Can I have names and logos printed on my wetsuit?

No, due to the final print process at the factory the wetsuit can't be printed on afterwards.


Can I have names and logos printed on tri clothing?

We don't do any printing in house but we can recommend you contacting a printing company local to us called DS Prints as they know our kit very well.

Here is their website for more details:

Please make sure you are 100% correct with sizing as we can't refund or exchange items that have been printed on. If you haven't worn HUUB before, we would recommend trying for size before printing as sizing can vary between products.

If you are happy with their quote (and you know the sizing is 100% correct prior to order as per above) then you can order the items you need online but instead of having them delivered to you, add the printers address in the shipping info with your name in brackets so they know who the print job is for.


I bought my wetsuit from another retailer, can I return it to you under warranty?

Now we're more than happy to help in any way we can but we need to do it the right way. As you actually bought it from another retailer the sale of contract & warranty is with them directly and not ourselves. This means you will need to contact them with all your order details & any photos of the issues you are having and then they will deal with this for you. If they need to contact us about it then they will do this on your behalf.


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