HUUB's Advent Calendar: 8th December Exclusive Deal

Keep an eye on the HUUB advent calendar and behind each door we’ll reveal something each day that ought to be on every triathlete's Christmas list. From new product releases, to great-value bundles there is a little bit of something for everyone.


HUUB's "12 for Christmas": Deal 3

The big reveal for the third in our 12 days of Christmas deals... Introducing you to the brand new HUUB Running Bag and HUUB Wallet!

We created the new HUUB Running bag just for that, Running, or maybe Cycling, but we knew we needed to create a bag that can transport those essentials for the day, the day at work, the day at play, big enough for a days work clothes and small enough for a days "pack-up".

Made from lightweight rip-stop nylon, a durable waterproof base and padded shoulder straps ensure this 16 litre capacity bag delivers comfortable transportation no matter what the vehicle. Small pockets for ease of access to essentials and side panels of elasticated mesh for shoes, bottles and daily commute weather proofs.

We call it the running bag, but it's not just for running.

The do it all HUUB Wallet. Lightweight nylon with card and coin dividers, zip compartment, shower-proof and Velcro closing... oh, and it does fit very nicely into the HUUB Running bag.

As a very special introductory offer if you buy the HUUB Running Bag & Wallet bundle, right here and right now, you will save cash on the individual products. Click below for more info... What are you waiting for?



Derby's Own Band of Brothers, Tom & David Bishop

Derby's own tri star David Bishop bagged 1st at this year's London Triathlon and 2nd in the Jenson Button Triathlon and his star continues to rise. Twin brother Tom Bishop is also an elite triathlete making his mark on the ITU scene, and together this makes them Derbyshire's answer to Yorkshire's Brownlees!

The brothers recently popped into the HUUB HQ to record these special Christmas messages for all you happy HUUBsters.




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