HUUB Academy - Training & Events Calendar


Regular Sessions


We are pleased to inform both members and non-members that HUUB Academy will start training at Nuffield Health Club in Derby from Monday 5th March.

We are really excited about this move, and they have made us feel extremely welcome. The following sessions are available.

Keep a check on the web page for other training to be offered once we are established at the new venue. Both members and non-members will be asked to sign in on arrival at Nuffield Health Club.



Monday (9 - 11 years): 6 pm – 7 pm land training (starting April) & 7 pm – 8 pm swim training

Thursday (12+ years): 6 pm-7 pm land training & 7 pm - 8 pm swim training



Monday swim: 8 pm – 9 pm

Thursday swim: 8 pm – 9 pm

Saturday run: 10.00 am – 11.00 am running (meet at Nuffield reception. This is led by a member of staff from Nuffield Health Club.



Juniors members: £3 per session / double session (6-8pm) £6

Junior non-members: £4 per session / double session £8

Adults members: £4 per session

Adult non-members: £5 per session


Additional Training/Races


Derby Runner XC League 2017/18 (Derby/Staffs Division)


Derby Runner XC League 2017/18 (Leicester/Derby Division)

There is a junior race before the main XC race to which anyone can run in.

11th March 2018 - TBC (host club Hinckley)

Members who wish to race in the Leicester League need to email Dave Mann (, and they will be included on the database.


Today’s Runner League

There is also the Today’s Runner League which is locally run, which again members can take part in.

The link for this league is:


Running With David

This website offers lots of training and racing locally. The regular Wednesday night sessions are popular with HUUB Academy members offering both races for adults and juniors.

These are a very good benchmark to see how your training is progressing for training during winter.




As there are many cycling clubs around, we have decided not to reinvent the wheel for adults and form yet another group to go out cycling.

We have spoken with Mickleover Cycling Club, and they are more than happy for ‘HUUB Academy’ members to go out cycling with them. They have triathletes already joining their rides. The first session is free, and as they are affiliated to British Cycling, you would be expected to join them. At £10 for an annual subscription this is great value.

There are other clubs around like Derby Mercury Road Club and again the same would apply if you wished to ride with them.

There will be some adult bike training sessions at Darley Moor which HUUB Academy have planned so both cycling with a local bike club and sessions at Darley will provide you with the skills for group riding and technical skills needed both on the road and in competitions.