• HUUB Aegis II Thermal Triathlon Wetsuit Mens
  • HUUB Aegis II Thermal Triathlon Wetsuit Mens
  • HUUB Aegis II Thermal Triathlon Wetsuit Mens

HUUB Aegis II Thermal Triathlon Wetsuit Mens

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Key Features

We are proud to launch our best-selling HUUB Aegis II suit in its unique thermal guise. With iconic races Alaskaman™ and the Isklar Norseman becoming more popular, we can never forget that these races test bodies to the extreme. So triathletes need equipment to protect them from all conditions, especially the cold.

The Aegis II thermal is a marriage of our best-selling, super flexible, award-winning suit with a new and proven thermal lining that presents an opportunity to race and train in colder temperatures while maintaining the HUUB non-wetsuit feel. Perfect for extreme triathlon events that HUUB are proud to support. If you are racing to the extremes, make sure your equipment can deliver.

A suit offering full smoothskin and 3:5 ratio buoyancy. Japanese smoothskin materials designed for low drag co-efficiency. Unrivalled 3mm neoprene for correct buoyancy level and all overbody flexibility. High stretch lining combined with thinner and more flexible outer smooth skin. Neoprene flexibility, thickness and stretch combination unmatched in the industry.

Multi-panel shoulders and chest designed to allow neoprene grain stretch that conforms to body shape and stretch.

Speed cut ankle for easy release in transition.

Large velcro contact area for neck comfort and adjustment.

Breakaway Zipper for the fastest transition.

Newly added low neck line:

We know we have the most comfortable neck in the wetsuit industry. We don’t fold and stitch, we refuse to create a tourniquet of rubber to restrict breathing and flexibility... we stood alone and we will stand by this simple and effective design.

Key features:

  • Japanese flexible rubber
  • Breakaway zipper
  • Low line neck
  • Speed cut ankles
  • Exclusive 3:5 buoyancy for optimum body position
  • Strategically placed high buoyancy panels to lift legs and hips
  • Extra stretch panels located in high reach zones
  • Optimized materials modulus for comfort and performance

The thermal lining thickness is 0.7mm and the component of thermal stretch is: 70D/48F Nylon 48%+75D/36F Polyester 52%.

Size info

When looking at the size chart, we recommend that you firstly use the weight in KG for the most accurate body fit. We suggest you choose a size based on as close to the top end of each weight as you can get. Although important in the sizing decision, height is considered as the second choice after the weight.

As an example, if you are a Male at 67kg and 6'0", we would suggest the SMT size, even though you are a little taller than that specified.

If in any doubt, please Contact Us with your height, your weight in KG and the wetsuit model you are considering.

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