• Kaleidoscope Short Sleeve Jersey Black - Women's
  • Kaleidoscope Short Sleeve Jersey Black - Women's

Kaleidoscope Short Sleeve Jersey Black - Women's

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Some ideas come from the most unexpected places. When HUUB’s Chief Designer was out riding, he got chatting to his teammates about hobbies and activities, things that help them relax. One woman found that art and specifically creating shapes and patterns really helped her to chill out.

After seeing some of Sue's art, we felt this mandala-inspired design would be a great exclusive addition to add to our female range of cycle clothing.

Thank you Sue Wilkins!


Short Sleeve Jersey

  • Full-length HUUB Cam Lock Zipper
  • Lightweight breathable mesh underarm panels
  • Three piped pocket rear design with side zipper
  • Arms Neutral™ set sleeves

HUUB’s Cam Lock Zipper:

No one likes a zipper coming undone or pulling down when you don’t need it to! HUUB’s Cam Lock Zipper locks in place until you activate it by simply lifting the puller. Once activated you don’t need to pull the zipper down, just pull your clothing apart!

 Arms Neutral™ Set Sleeves:

HUUB created Arms Neutral to enhance the body position most held during your activity and is a feature originally derived from our wetsuits. The cycling kit sleeves are cut in an arms forward position, to create neutral fabric tension on the body in your most held position.

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