Mystery Kickpant £59 - Unisex

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Save between £80 and £90

Albacore Kickpant - RRP £139.99

Archimedes Kickpant - RRP £149.99

We have limited quantities and sizes available in our most popular Kickpants, but when we put them together, we just about have something to fit everyone. You pick your size, and we will handpick you a pair.

Both Kickpants help increase core stability and assist hip rotation. They improve your kicking skill in the pool, preparing you for your next race.

For £59.00 you will get one of the following suits worth between £139.99 and £149.99, saving you at least £81!

The HUUB Kickpant is an exclusive design of buoyancy pant that delivers the benefits of training with buoyancy at the rear while providing active stroke correction to the swimmer's kicking technique and alignment in the water.

We appreciate that many triathletes need to understand and feel good body alignment in the water beyond simply lifting them higher. They also need to understand how a good kick should feel and when they are starting to kick inefficiently, adding unnecessary drag.

A kickpant not only provides the buoyancy to lift the legs higher in the water but actively improves their kicking technique - holding the legs straighter and with good alignment. The efficiencies gained are greater than the sum of their design parts, unlocking untapped speed and efficiency through the water.

Yes, we also offer a buoyancy short, but the HUUB Kickpant offers much more, giving wetsuit like swimming in the pool (without the overheating) while simultaneously improving kicking technique, further reducing drag and lifting the legs even higher. The Kickpant is a ¾ length, 5mm/3mm combination thick neoprene pant featuring a drawstring waist. The kickpant is the perfect training companion for wetsuit users. It's just another example of our commitment to product designs that improve the swimming performance of normal"" swimmers - not just the professional athletes that choose our products.


  • Improve body position and feeling for correct swim position
  • Wetsuit feeling without the heat
  • High Grade Neoprene materials
  • Faster times through improved position
  • Assisted leg position with Full leg neoprene coverage
  • Dual thickness combination for Pool comfort and buoyancy


  • After Pool use, please rinse your Kickpant/Buoyancy short thoroughly inside and out with clean, warm water and leave to dry naturally to help avoid any chlorine damage.
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