Mystery SwimRun £199 - Unisex

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Save between £150 and £200

Adriel  - RRP £349.99

Amphibia II - RRP £399.99

 We have limited quantities and sizes available in two of our fastest and most popular SwimRun wetsuits, but when we put them together, we just about have something to fit everyone. You pick your size, and we will handpick you one of our top-end suits.

For £199 you will get one of the following suits worth between £349.99 and £399.99, saving you up to £200!


The Adriel comes with everything you need for Swim Run - internal pockets, safety whistle, and removable neoprene sleeves.

  • Thin flexible legs designed for running.
  • Abrasion-resistant rear panel for rock slide durability.
  • Flexible upper body.
  • Internal pockets.
  • Laser cut back panel for heat dissipation.
  • Comes with additional neoprene sleeves.
  • Built-in safety whistle.

Adriel is a result of totally rethinking the Swim Run suit. SwimRun is still a very new sport, and its evolution is changing the product race by race. We now feel the demands of Swim Run are met by this revolutionary new suit and fresh approach to a wetsuit that is at a dichotomy with itself. We focused on the needs of the suit with the external factors of environment and tools available to enhance the experience - for example, pull buoys.

The Swim Run wetsuit has finally evolved to offer thin and flexible legs specifically designed for running and pull buoy harmony, coupled with lightweight flexibility in the upper body and a laser cut back panel to allow heat to leave the body.


Amphibia II

Introducing our latest Swim-Run suit project, Amphibia //. The sport of Swim-Run is new and developing at a great rate. Every race sees us learn something more about what is and isn’t needed, and how the suit needs to evolve to the meet the needs of the athletes in this new and demanding multi-sport event.

We believe we have created the definitive suit with feedback from World Champions and enthusiastic newcomers alike. After making both subtle and major changes from the original Amphibia, we can now ensure comfort along with buoyancy balance is maximised for transition from water to land.

- Premium materials and design
- Single front zip
- Internal and rear pockets
- Comfort fit neck
- Superior flexible crotch and glute panels
- 3:5 buoyancy for lower body lift
- Bicep release to aid recovery and catch
- Long taped seams for cutting freedom

Led by Professor Huub Toussaint, our research and design team work relentlessly to fulfil this mission. We’ve invested heavily in the MAD System, our state-of-the-art, proprietary technology that enables us to obsess over the minutiae of performance and refine the Albacore range, millisecond by millisecond.


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