• Mystery Wetsuit £199 - Mens
  • Mystery Wetsuit £199 - Mens
  • Mystery Wetsuit £199 - Mens

Mystery Wetsuit £199 - Mens

  • £199.00
  • £449.99
  • - £250.99

Key Features

Save between £250 and £350

Aerious II 3:5 - RRP £449.99

Archimedes II 3:5 - RRP £549.99

We have limited quantities and sizes available in two of our fastest and most popular wetsuits, but when we put them together, we just about have something to fit everyone. You pick your size, and we will handpick you one of our top-end wetsuits.

All wetsuits have a 3:5 buoyancy profile, giving extra buoyancy in the legs and optimum flexibility in the upper body. 

For £199 you will get one of the following suits worth between £449.99 and £549.99, saving you up to £350!

Aerious II 

The HUUB Aerious II is the first suit focused solely on delivering a faster swim to the 85%*, no one else, just those who want to swim faster and get those legs higher in the water.

If you reduce your frontal drag, you will swim faster and more efficiently.

We know the category of 'sinky legs' exists. In fact, we know 85% of triathletes are not from a swim background.

We used research, science and reality to deliver a wetsuit that improves your speed through not only comfort and flexibility but also by strategically placing the buoyancy where it adds benefit and isn’t detrimental to your swimming style and body makeup. This we call 3:5; 3mm chest, 5mm legs.

Archimedes II

The Archimedes, for us, was the best suit we could have designed at the time. Materials, production methods and research saw us create the best of the moment. What has brought about the change to the Archimedes 2? Pushing the bar of expectation beyond anything the wetsuit market has ever seen with research, challenging production and learning.

Then there’s the lab, the real lab, helping us to look deeper into the modulus of materials and methods of construction. The lab that helped ensure we were maximising the properties of neoprene foam and the lining whilst taking into account the construction. The lab taught us more about stabilisation for a strong foundation, for the swim stroke and it taught us about muscle release and ‘Non-suit 'reaches and feel. The design of the Archimedes 2 was a process of focus. An intense focus on a few key areas that, by working with our factories and research team, we knew we could accomplish. It revolved around flexibility and creating the ‘non-suit’ feel, which then led to improved efficiency.

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