• Mystery Wetsuit £299 - Mens
  • Mystery Wetsuit £299 - Mens
  • Mystery Wetsuit £299 - Mens

Mystery Wetsuit £299 - Mens

  • £299.00
  • £549.99
  • - £250.99

Key Features

Save between £250 and £300

Archimedes 3 3:5 - RRP £549.99

Albacore 2 3:5 - RRP £599.99

We have limited quantities and sizes available in two of our most popular wetsuits, but when we put them together, we just about have something to fit everyone. You pick your size, and we will handpick you one of our wetsuits.

For £299 you will get one of the following suits worth between £549.99 and £599.99, saving you up to £300! 


Albacore 2 3:5

Inspired by the 'The Albacore' project completed by US researchers in 1949 to create the fastest, most agile and hydrodynamic submarine in the world, the Albacore II Wetsuit is the result of HUUB's own research team to develop the fastest wetsuit so you can efficiently cut through the water and overtake the competition. 

Led by Professor Huub Toussain and a team of researchers and designers, this wetsuit has been refined to be the quickest wetsuit at the time of release. Updating the original Albacore wetsuit to deliver an impressive 'no-suit' feel thanks to the super-flexible underarm panel and Kinetic Release™ technology so you never feel restricted and can make the most of every stroke. Recreating the success and upper body feel of the HUUB Agilis wetsuit, which was designed with the help of Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, while 3:5 Graduated Buoyancy™ and a HUUB exclusive X-0 Skeleton™ gives optimal positioning in the water and addresses the issue of 'sinky legs'.

Finished with a flexible low neckline to improve the fit, while a breakaway zipper and HUUB exclusive Calf Release™ technology ensure a fast transition. 


Archimedes 3 3:5

The third incarnation of the ground-breaking Archimedes, the suit that redefined buoyancy profiles to suit the needs of the modern triathlete. The Archimedes 3 again takes the expectations of a wetsuit and its material components and shatters the mould, never mind breaking it. With never before seen technology, expectations challenged and conventional materials re-engineered the Archimedes 3 leads the way when it comes to triathlon wetsuits.

Tested and developed on our exclusive 17 force plate M.A.D™ (Measurement of Active Drag) system the wetsuit offers three major enhancements to the worlds best selling high-end wetsuit, the Archimedes II. 

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