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The Stryd power meter enables runners to reliably measure their power output. Stryd is the first device that brings power based training, so far only known to cyclists and triathletes, to the world of running. As cyclists and triathletes, using a power meter on their bikes already know, power data allows a much more precise gauging of in tensity during training and competition than heart rate data. And it gets even better. Compared to the average cycling power meters, the cost of the Stryd running power meter is much lower and the installation is much simpler. In short, the Stryd power meter offers all the advantages of power based training to runners with much less of a hassle and at a much lower cost than what cyclists and triathletes are used to in regard to cycling power meters.

How does the Stryd power meter work?

Stryd looks like a regular heart rate strap and sensor. It’s neither bulkier nor heavier than a usual heart rate sensor, but the technology it houses is much more advanced. Embedded high tech sensors collect information and provide data that is much more meaningful and valuable than that captured by traditional heart rate monitors. The Stryd power meter uses data from built in motion sensors, e.g., accelerometers and angle sensors as well as environmental sensors. This information is evaluated in regard to the runner’s weight and velocity to compute power in real time. In addition to common power metrics (current power, average power etc.) that are captured by cycling power meters, the Stryd running power meter also records running specific metrics such as the force of impact and the stride frequency.

Benefits for runners

In summary, the Stryd power meter enables runners to monitor and gauge the intensity of their training or competition much more precisely. The ability to collect power data when running also enables runners to quantify their training load and evaluate performance gains in much more detail. Furthermore, Stryd allows an evaluation of the running technique. Running efficiency for example, is an important factor in regard to tapping a runner’s full potential, but also in regard to preventing injuries. With Stryd, runners can assess and track the improvement of their running efficiency in the field, outside of a lab setting.

Installation and compatibility

Setting up the Stryd power meter doesn’t require a complex installation. Adjusting the sensor to the chest strap activates the device. Once it is paired with an ANT+ and/or Bluetooth smart enabled watch it’s ready to go. The only required step before using the power meter is to enter one’s current body weight. This can easily be done, using the free Stryd mobile app, which can be downloaded on one’s smart phone. The smart phone connects to the Stryd power meter wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Stryd power meter is compatible with a range of running and triathlon computers like newer Garmin or Suunto computers. See above in specifications.

Analysing power data

Analysing the data is possible via Stryd’s online platform. Stryd Powercenter serves as a data hub. On one hand, it connects with Garmin Connect and Suunto Movescount, so it can stream data automatically to Stryd Powercenter. On the other hand, it connects with third party online training platforms, and can stream data to these platforms automatically.


Sensor Location: Integrated in HRM
Metrics: Power (W), Heart Rate (bpm), run form
Weight: 20g
Battery: CR2032
Battery Life: > 6 month
Battery Replacement: Tool Free
Wireless Technology: ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart
Firmware Updates: Yes, using Stryd's smart phone app
Compatible Software: Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center and others
Compatible Computers: Garmin 910xt, 920xt, 310xt Forerunner 220, 225, 620, Fenix 3, Fenix 2, Ambit3 S, Peak, and run, Ambit2 and Ambit2 S.

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