5… 4… 3… 2… 1… HUUB & Thunderbirds are go!

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… HUUB & Thunderbirds are go!

We are excited to share the exclusive launch of the Thunderbirds clothing collaboration with you, our HUUB family. Thunderbirds products will launch more widely in January 2022, but we could not let you miss out on the perfect Christmas gift.

Thunderbirds and HUUB - how F.A.B is this?

Not the most obvious partnership until you understand how it came about. While out on a Sunday bike ride, our founder, Dean Jackson, started a nostalgic conversation with his fellow cyclists that meandered from Greg LeMond and tri-bars to triathlon’s Iron War and on to the TV shows they loved as kids!

Thunderbirds, from the visionary TV director, producer and writer Gerry & Sylvia Anderson, suddenly became THE topic of conversation. There’s still so much love for the 1960s’ show. With its use of pioneering ‘Supermarionation’, it showed the brilliance of an innovative British business focused on the future – a century ahead in this case to 2060!

And it made us think. What if another forward-looking British brand – this one dedicated to sporting performance – partnered with Thunderbirds to develop a range of cycling clothing?



Always keen to venture into new territory and explore the unknown, HUUB reached out to Brains on the Tracy Island HQ who welcomed the idea and then worked with the team at Anderson Entertainment to help make this project a reality.

Wa are releasing three long sleeve and three short sleeve jerseys from the new and globally exclusive Thunderbirds line… just in time for Christmas. Could there be a more perfect gift! As the Tracy family and Lady Penelope might say: “Simply F.A.B!”