HUUB is a premium endurance sport apparel brand with an ethos of continuous improvement in all its products. Through a collaboration of experts and world-class athletes, HUUB has taken product development and testing to another level, a level that has resulted in multiple World Cup wins and world records.

Focusing wholly on the athlete and maximising performance and comfort, HUUB explores both the odd and the conventional to create the best.

2011 -

HUUB Founder Dean Jackson meets Professor Huub Toussaint at Schiphol Airport and gets the ball rolling.

2012 -

The brand signs its first Olympian, Flora Duffy, a young athlete from Bermuda.

2012 -

The groundbreaking Archimedes wetsuit was launched to rave 'Best in Test' award-winning reviews.

2013 -

Signed the Brownlee Brothers to build a long-term ambassador relationship.

2013 -

Work starts with 6x IRONMAN World Champion Dave Scott on a tri suit that dominated the global triathlon market. 

2014 -

HUUB was the most common first out-of-the-water wetsuit in the ITU World Triathlon Series.

2015 -

Support of the South African national triathlon team enabled the HUUB logo to be worn at the Rio Olympics.

2016 -

Richard Varga, a HUUB athlete, is first out of the water in the Rio Olympic Games triathlon, and all three men's Olympic Triathlon podium athletes are HUUB supported.

2016 -

Invested in a state-of-the-art MAD System (Measuring Active Drag), allowing quantified gains from wetsuit use to be measured and evidenced. It is still the most advanced measurement of wetsuit performance.

2017 -

HUUB takes market leadership for triathlon wetsuits in the UK.

2018 -

The HUUB Wattbike team (four athletes from Derbados) takes on the world and wins the UCI Track Cycling World Cup in London using groundbreaking product innovation.

2019 -

8x 220 Triathlon 'Wetsuit Brand of the Year' & 'Tri Suit Brand of the Year' award winners over six consecutive years. 

2019 -

Launched the Fellowship of Speed comprised of sports engineering and physiology experts - aerodynamicists, kinesiologists, nutrition scientists, CFD engineers, Olympians and World Champions to drive product performance enhancements. 

2020 -

Developed the world's first dual-speed tri suit – the Anemoi 2. Designed with specific aerodynamics for different speed ranges on the bike during a triathlon, another industry first.

2021 -

HUUB wins a Queen's Award for Innovation, among the most prestigious awards in the UK, celebrating businesses leading the way with pioneering products or services. 

2022 -

The Aero-Bridge Base Layer becomes commercially available, having previously only been supplied to national cycling teams competing at the highest level (the product caused certain cycling team leaders to flip their lid at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games). 

2023 -

Launched Custom Labs to produce bespoke Tri Suits or Skin Suits – addressing a collective of Watt finding benefits that are not available off the shelf in a custom design, with personalised aerodynamics, or something specifically for the temperature you are racing. 



Founded in 2012 by sports industry leader Dean Jackson – the HUUB brand takes its name from human movement specialist Professor Huub Toussaint.

Dean founded the HUUB brand after amassing three decades of experience. With previous roles across the swim, bike and run industry categories, few individuals have as much depth of understanding about the endurance sports marketplace. 

Originating in the innovation-led swimwear and triathlon categories, HUUB now embraces all endurance sports – with recent growth in the open water swimming wetsuits and cycle clothing space.

HUUB products embrace the latest scientific research, continuous athlete feedback, and the vision to create better products – combining research, science and reality. 

The work undertaken by HUUB has resulted in their sponsored athlete roster being the most loyal and influential in the endurance sports world. They know that it isn't just about financial and product rewards but about having the equipment that gives them the edge.