HUUB-BCC Race Team: Launching a New British Elite Development Cycling Team

HUUB-BCC Race Team: Launching a New British Elite Development Cycling Team

United by a shared ambition, HUUB Design, BCC Race Team and WeBuyCycle have created a new, elite cycling team. HUUB-BCC Race Team is one of few to be granted Elite Development Status by British Cycling, recognising the team's commitment to supporting young riders on their journey through the sport.

The sport has recently been decimated at an elite level, with teams folding, but the partnership between the established and successful BCC Race Team and Derby-based business partners delivers a fresh approach - a new, more sustainable model, offering a break from the traditional expectations of a team, its owners and sponsors.

The team has a proven pathway model, quickly becoming an East Midlands centre of excellence, with the Beeston CC Academy nurturing and developing riders from the age of 14. The system has already proved successful, with riders joining the programme at school age and winning some of the biggest races in the UK at under-19 level.

John McCay, President of the HUUB-BCC Race Team, said: "'We have become the elite destination for riders who want to be the best. We race for more than just victories, we race for progress and positive change."

Through partnerships of opportunities, the team hopes to make a positive impact in cycling and beyond. One such exciting partnership is with the University of Derby. It provides a unique educational pathway where riders can combine racing and their studies, which hasn't been done in the UK before. As well as offering riders higher education opportunities, the University will provide benefits across the Beeston Cycling Club Academy, with riders from the age of 14 gaining access to tailored workshops, use of facilities and guidance from the institution.

As well as this, an exciting partnership with a local charity will allow the team to empower underprivileged young people through cycling, offering them cycling skills, education, and opportunities to race and achieve their ambitions through the Beeston CC Academy, another embodiment of the team's philosophy 'thrive to race', which the project is built around.

Regarding racing, the team's management model promotes a robust partnership with mutual rewards, with business partners contributing to the running and direction of the team, as opposed to the traditional 'cash for advertising' system. The team also hope more honest collaborations such as this with other key stakeholders, including race organisers and governing bodies will drive positive change in the UK racing scene, eventually removing the almost essential and unsustainable need to search abroad for a successful racing career.

Jono Hornblow of WeBuyCycle commented: "We are creating a paradigm shift from the old models of the British scene to develop new relationship-driven methods of ensuring value to all stakeholders".

It is a sentiment shared by all parties, with Dean Jackson, the owner of HUUB Design, sharing his excitement about the project he has helped build: "We are driven to keep UK Racing alive through its most vulnerable period by developing, growing and shaping our sustainable model for generations to come, delivering the highest quality racing, supported by a unique educational pathway."

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HUUB-BCC Race Team has partnered with YMCA Derbyshire to raise funds via an 80's Disco & Dinner on Saturday, 6th April, at Incora DCCC. You can purchase tickets here.