HUUB x Mr Shaw: Two of Derby’s greatest brands collaborate

HUUB x Mr Shaw: Two of Derby’s greatest brands collaborate

For those who do not know, we are most proud to come from Derby, or affectionately known throughout the endurance world as Derbados!

The start of the industrial revolution and the world's first factory were all based within 200 metres of the HUUB office. For hundreds of years, Derby has been known as a city of innovation because it creates aero engines, hybrid cars, and more recently, insanely fast wetsuits and tri suits.

Whilst the innovation may have a big global impact, a group of young and excited entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with new projects, ideas, clothing or even doughnuts out of this great city. HUUB was born here, and its founder was born and raised here.

This love of Derbados leads to exciting collaborations with other businesses. HUUB's latest partner is Mr Shaw, a local clothing company created by a local designer Karl Shaw, who made a range of casual t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts to reflect Derby's nostalgic times when it was one of the country's newest cities in the 80s and 90s. Designs that give a little nod to those who know what wearing Mr Shaw means and remember Sadler Gate bank holidays, wheelbarrow races and heavy hangovers.

We have joined with Mr Shaw to design a limited edition 4882 T-Shirt. We guess you must be in the know to understand what 4882 and the colours stand for on this fantastically simple yet thought-provoking T-Shirt. Get yourself a bit of Derby and HUUB exclusivity with this Mr Shaw x HUUB special edition garment.