It's what you don't see that makes you faster

It's what you don't see that makes you faster

This month has been an incredible month of, putting it simply, speed! HUUB's long-researched and patented Aero-Bridge products have been used on some of the biggest World and local stages.

Our Watt saving products have been used on some of the biggest stages. Who spotted our Aero-Bridge Base Layer in the Giro d'Italia? Used during the deciding flat/mountain TT stage, HUUB's Aero-Bridge vest was used underneath the Skin Suit to deliver speed.

You can use the technical Aero-Bridge Base Layer underneath any tight-fitting smooth fabric garment such as a skin suit, cycle jersey or tri suit to deliver extra speed for the same Watts or fewer Watts for the same speed. Whichever way you want to look at it, it's faster!

Our joint national team HUUB Wattshop with our Aero geek partners Wattshop has also been winning on the national stage. John Archibald took Dan Bigham's course record at the Merlin Cycles Classic Series TT in an amazing time of 01:00:02 using a HUUB Aero-Bridge Base Layer and Custom Labs Skin Suit.

We have also seen cycling aero products infiltrate triathlon with the incredible 3:Sixteen Aero Calf Sleeve™ being used in some of the world's biggest triathlons. Athletes not sponsored or supported by HUUB have chosen to use these at their own cost because they are the fastest on the market and can save up to 12 Watts.

We're excited as the time spent in the wind tunnel and on the velodromes pays off with products that make you go faster. We don't do this in a big noisy way. We're just there doing the little things that bit better. It just goes to show it's what you don't see that makes you faster!