The story behind the HUUB Wattbike Limited Edition Cycle Jersey...

The story behind the HUUB Wattbike Limited Edition Cycle Jersey...

We are delighted to launch a HUUB Wattbike Limited Edition Cycle Jersey that pays homage to the team and their attack on the global track cycling scene.

The back of the HUUB Wattbike Cycle Jersey depicts several words and characters that pick out some parts of the story we thought should be featured. Below each one is explained to give more insight into the team and their few years of disrupting the track cycling world.

7-10 Watts

Regularly said by Dan Bigham, if there is a power saving and you can't quantify it… Just say 7-10 Watts!

Lee Valley World Cup

The event was December 2018 in London, beating Team GB in a Derbados versus the world showdown... Far too many pints got downed after that event!

Dan Bigham and his Flying Pig Logo

What can we say... Super nerd, aero nerd, lovely chap and someone who loves pink. Important enough to have his 'own logo'; we guess being a World Champion and breaking an Hour World Record allows that luxury.

Charlie and Harry Tanfield

The powerhouse brothers not only caused trouble on the track with their abilities but also caused confusion when dining with them; which is which? Interestingly, they never turned up late for a curry (Anoki Derby).

You Can't Play Anymore

Once the UCI took the proverbial football home and stopped the track team from being allowed to compete in track world cups.

Jacob Tipper (If That Makes Sense)

One of the very original riders of the KGF Team (Karen Green Foundation), Jacob evolved to off-track support. He helped develop new training methods and kit improvements, building solid bridges between the team and sponsors. Regularly heard saying, "if that makes sense," he thinks it's because of his intellectual explanation of his opinions and theories. Actually, we only look puzzled because of his broad Dudley accent (a place in the middle of the UK that has a Zoo, where the Titanic's anchor was made and is rumoured to have inspired JRR Tolkien's Mordor).

Derby College

The working home of team friend, support and legend, Ned. Also where they received lodgings support from the college when they resided in humble housing throughout their global track journey.

Ashton Lambie

Ashton's parents were approached by Michael Fallone, a design guru and friend of HUUB, who texted HUUB's CEO and Founder, Dean Jackson, saying, "I'm sat next to Ashton Lambie's parents. Shall I ask them if he'd like to race for the team?", "Yeah, why not" came the reply, and that was that. Ashton arrived in Derbados, the team made fun of his tash (Jonny Wale even grew his own such was his admiration for Ashton) and introduced him to curry. From there, he assisted the team to greatness, took away his learnings to go back to the States and forge World Champion status in the Individual Pursuit, and broke the world record for the IP to become the first ever Sub4 4000m pursuit. A legend of cycling and facial hair!

Jonny Wale

The .44 Magnum of cyclists, is a powerhouse out the gate. A man who changed the whole pursuit methodology (Mehdi method below) and also proved you didn't need a connective tendon in your knees to compete at the highest level. Jonny Wale, Jonny Wale, Jonny Wale! Repeated several times for two reasons... One Jonny is like having three of anyone else - it's just more of everything with Jonny around. And Jonny has been very vocal about mental health - the team worked together to help understand Jonny's challenges and his multiple personalities. They had a way of communicating which Jonny was in the house on any given day. That's why there are three Jonnys. In fact, ask Jonny, there are probably more!

Mehdi Method

Mehdi Kordi is a genius of a man who wears bow ties. A smart chap who loves research, performance, physiology and everything to make athletes faster. Mehdi saw the make-up of the team, analysed the strengths and weaknesses and proposed a whole new swap for the team pursuit. A method that bucked the event's history and helped HUUB Wattbike maximise each rider's potential. Mehdi went on to work with the Dutch Sprint team (who dominated track cycling) and is now regarded as the greatest cycling brain not working in British Cycling.


Nerd could be assigned to many of the team. Their nerdy inquisitive minds questioning every aspect of the event and seeing how being smart could make them faster.

The Cowboy Hat

There is no finer way to show rebellion than rocking up at a track event sporting a cowboy hat, and even better if the event organisers see the fun side and give them to spectators at the World Cup. First worn by Jonny Wale (a white version stolen from a promo girl) at a World Cup event, this was the catalyst for the broader-reaching black HUUB Wattbike Cowboy Hats. And they looked magnificent with Jonny and Ashton's moustaches!

The People's Republic of Derbados

The name for the team's nation because the UCI didn't allow them to compete under GB. Derby is the centre of global cycling, with the hub being the Derby Arena velodrome, so the flag denotes a few local features... An aero-engine as Rolls Royce aero engines home is in Derby. The Silk Mill, the world's first factory, is based opposite the HUUB office, and palm trees represent the warm welcome given to all who visit Derbaods!

Upgrade Package

What we would often talk about and deliver with the team at Wattshop, and what had been mulling over in Dan's and Tipper's brains to improve equipment and make the team go quicker.

Do you want to win?

The expression of choice when it came to making tough, irregular decisions for the sake of performance. Be it riding uncomfortably close on the wheel in front or testing a prototype bar for the first time in a World Cup final. Any risk versus reward scenario would be met with this phrase!

They've lost a man early

The regular commentators snap analysis after Jonny Wale would eject from his pre-planned 6-lap effort. This strategy was adopted from day one. But it would still catch the unresearched commentator off guard.

George Peasegood

George was the first man from para tri and cycling to join the team. An incredible athlete who went on to triathlon and cycling World Champ and Olympic success. The team adopted George, and they all enjoyed making the big ginger faster. As you read this, George is recovering from an accident on his bike. Big hugs to you, George, we all love you!

Cycle Faster

Simple, really... The team always wanted to go faster!

Keep it Pink

Dan and his obsession with pigs, pink and power - the colour pink adorned everything about the team. HUUB even bought the team matching pink custom trainers just to keep it pink. Dan recently married Joss Lowden, wearing his pink suit.

The Raptor

Before the team christened Dan 'Piggy', his original nickname (that was even his Facebook name) was 'The Raptor' although Dan claims it's a self-deprecating nickname of his running style, the lads always viewed this as his alter-ego and ripped him furiously for it!

Down, Down, Down

Always anti the status quo, the common coaching was to needlessly shout "up up up" at the start of an event. However, beyond the fact the team needed no such coaching encouragement to understand at the beginning of the race, you needed to go, the team saw this as you should be shouting the opposite, "down down down". Because, in theory, you should all be aiming to get onto the black racing line at the bottom of the track instead of going up the track.

John Archibald

The quiet assassin, the bed salesman from Scotland with the power numbers to make World Champions weep in jealousy. A team player who gets the job done. The team also like to claim he's from England.

Belarus Gold

The first World Cup victory for the team, from feeling like they were not good enough and imposters to winning a world cup!

Kyle Gordon

The oil rig worker turned cyclist. A positive influence and spirit of the team, a showman, and the one person who makes Tipper's accent sound posh. When it comes to removing HUUB Heated Trousers, this man is total Full Monty. A National Champion and Commonwealth Games competitor.

Dan's Neck

What makes Dan so fast? Is it an amazing threshold or leg strength? No, it's the amazingly long neck that helps get his head down super low, helping to make him super aero (his threshold isn't too bad either).

Will Perrett

One of the nicest guys in cycling. He and Kyle were the young guns, they committed to the task in hand and supported the team and rode their role with complete commitment.

Prison Big

When it came to the importance of strength, Mehdi knew best. And his favourite expression when it came to getting big in the gym – getting Prison Big.

We're going to cycle faster than the other guys

A bold strategy. When it came to race strategy, as much as the lads were motivated by time, there was only metric that really mattered, going faster than the other team on the track.