There are very few areas of our sport where we are NOT experts but we are the first to raise our hands when we find a partner who truly knows a product area. Welcome to “boobydoo” The UK’s expert in Sports Bras. Having spent time with the team on projects we know and respect their ability to recommend the ideal sports bra for your needs.

So much so that with every Tri Suit purchased from the HUUB Tana and Core Line range we will give you a £30 boobydoo voucher to use on their online store.


Are you wearing a sports bra right now that chafes, that’s too tight or just doesn’t defeat the boob-jiggle? Maybe you’re wearing two bras, your t-shirt bra or no bra at all. We say no more to uncomfortable boobs!

We strive for the No Bounce Policy. Our mission is to provide proper breast support for every active woman, erasing the barrier breasts can have on exercise. We stock over 20 brands and carry a size range that extends from 28-52 band, A-K cup, ensuring we get every woman in a sports bra that’s right for her.

There’s no need to wear that double-bra, or hold back during that triathlon. Join the no bounce revolution and find breast happiness!

What you need to know about your Triathlon-ready sports bra:

Do I have to wear a sports bra under my tri suit?

Even if you have a small cup size, the compression support you receive from your tri suit may not be enough. Keep those girls in check and don’t let your bust hold you back during your race.

A suitable sports bra for triathlons will have the following key features:

No Padding

Make sure you chose a sports bra that is made with light materials and fabrics as this will dry faster and feel less bulky under your suit.

Moisture Wicking

A good sports bra will always be made from moisture wicking fabrics.

High Impact Support

Make sure the sports bra is designed for high impact activities to ensure your bust is getting the support it needs during each part of the triathlon.