John Archibald's Summer Biking Tips

Jon Archibald's Summer biking Tips

We have asked HUUB Wattbike cyclist and multiple National Champion John Archibald for some advice on summer riding to help Team HUUB members get the most out their sunny (or rainy) summer bike rides.

Essential Tips


Take roughly enough fluid for 400ml per hour of riding, ideally containing some electrolytes, and take enough money on longer rides to refill your bidons when needed.

Take a cape

Excluding the odd heatwave, it's always worth being prepared for a long ride. The UK weather is so changeable, and with capes being so small and fitting in your rear pocket easily, it's not worth the risk of going without.

Explore some new roads

The better weather is an excellent excuse to explore that lane you've never ridden before. It can help add to the sense of adventure, but it is worth making that adventure in the summer rather than the winter (and finding the road is the muddiest in the world).

Use sun protection cream

Don't forget the damage a long ride in the sun can do (or a long time sat outside a café)! Make sure you protect yourself sufficiently, including the back of your neck, and even under your helmet (if it's well vented and you don't have much hair underneath)!

Race/Event Tips

Avoid the sun on race days

Sorry I know it's not what you want to hear, but sunbathing isn't suitable for the legs pre-race. Try and also find that shade when warming up, you don't want to be overheating before you have started.

Expect more speed

Hot air is fast air, so bear that in mind when pacing your event or even your Strava KOM, you may be able to go that bit faster than you expect.

Ice slushys

Although one of the more marginal of marginal gains, iced drinks have been proven on hot days to help reduce core temp. So try and make your pre-event drink or your bidons cool ones (while trying to avoid any brain freeze).

Try a club 10

Check out the website of local cycling clubs in your area and most will put on a weekly club TT. These are generally open to anyone who is a member of a CTT registered team and are a cheap and easy way to get into some racing. They usually are entry on the line and £3 - £4. Just check the courses on the websites first as they typically aren't the best signposted.