Do you want to represent the HUUB brand proudly? We are pleased to be able to launch Team HUUB - an open-access club, welcoming members of all abilities from around the World. Team HUUB members will benefit from exclusive discounts, early access to new kit, and monthly newsletters offering advice from HUUB’s pro athletes to increase your performance. Come and be an integral part of a positive, driven community in the world of triathlon, cycling and fitness!


Members Benefits

Free Team HUUB T-Shirt.

Team registered to British Triathlon.

Team registered to Cycling Time Trials.

Team registered to British Cycling.

Access to special discounts on

Monthly newsletter offering advice from HUUB Pro athletes.

First access or early release of selected new HUUB products.

Access to private Team HUUB Facebook group which provides members with the opportunity to interact with other members, ask questions to fellow athletes, pro athletes or coaches.



Athletes must have a desire to improve and represent themselves and Team HUUB in a positive light through both training and racing.

Athletes, of course, can represent the HUUB brand on their personal social media, and HUUB may also choose to feature your content on the brands' social media.

A good team spirit.


Membership Cost

Seniors - £30 a year (includes a free Team HUUB T-shirt)

Youth/Juniors - £20 a year (includes a free Team HUUB T-shirt)

Please note that you may need to purchase the relevant individual licence (if you don’t already own one) to compete in British Triathlon, British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials events.