HUUB Swim Goggles

HUUB Swim Goggles

Whatever the event, pool or open water, we have a swim goggle to suit your needs.


Aphotic goggle from the HUUB swim goggle range
Aphotic from HUUB, our first swim goggle with a lens that gets darker or lighter through Photochromatic technology during the race without you even noticing.  A self regulating lens that delivers the comfort and vision needed to maximise your sighting and assist your swim.


Acute goggle from the HUUB swim goggle range
Finding great goggles isn't easy so here at HUUB we tested endless moulds and options to find a goggle that we felt delivered comfort and vision with soft lenses keeping the face safe from those "In water" tussles.


Varga goggles from the HUUB goggle range
Richard Varga - First out of the swim more than any other ITU triathlete, asked us to produce a race goggle with his very specific demands and performance requests:

  • Precision Fit
  • Optimum Clarity
  • All round Visability
  • Minimal Drag

We took Richard's wishes to deliver a race goggle that would be suitable for an athlete in race conditions.

All the above HUUB Swim Goggles are available in a range of colours. You can view and purchase your choice online now.