HUUB Swim Goggles

Swimming goggles are essential for your triathlon swim leg. Most triathlon goggles are designed for open water swimming, with large frames for clear vision and a comfortable fit. Professional swim goggles go that extra mile to ensure optimum performance by reducing drag and increasing peripheral vision.

Here at HUUB we view swim goggles as one of a triathlete’s most important pieces of race day equipment, so our scientific approach to tri kit extends to developing the best racing goggles you’ll find for triathlon. Within our range you’ll find photo chromatic, self-regulating lenses that adapt to light conditions to give you the best vision possible. Anti-fog, scratch resistance, leak resistance and comfort are all given priority to ensure triathletes get the most out of their open water swimming goggles. You’re sure to find goggles you can rely on from HUUB.