Ashton Lambie makes history

Ashton Lambie makes history

Here at HUUB we are so excited about the news that Ashton Lambie made history by breaking the 4-minute barrier for the 4k individual pursuit with a time of 3:59.930. Lambie, from Lincoln Nebraska, broke the record at Aguascalientes velodrome in Mexico on Wednesday (August 18 2021) and we could not be more proud!

The previous official world record was held by Olympic Team pursuit champion Filippo Ganna of Italy, but Ashton smashed that record by over 2 seconds, and it was only at the 2000 Sidney Olympics the Gold medal-winning German team broke the 4-minute barrier in the team event.

Lambie isn’t new to the record books and first broke the World Record in 2018 with a time of 4.04. This new record is a more significant achievement and places Lambie alongside the iconic Roger Bannister who famously broke the 1-mile record by running a sub-4-minute mile.

Ashton’s success is no accident. It is the outcome of a long-term project aimed at breaking the world record, utilising research, and science to make the challenge of breaking the 4-minute barrier a reality. The project has intensely tested hundreds of fabrics to measure aero performance and the interface between body temperature and clothing, as well as the benefits of different fabrics on performance, to create the perfect race suit. Working with aerodynamics specialists, Lambie used a special HUUB x Vorteq Skinsuit, along with a host of WattShop equipment, designed by HUUB aerodynamics consultant Dan Bigham.

Unsurprisingly, everyone is interested in the details and our friends at WattShop have you covered. Read their in depth analysis here.

You’ll soon see that the incredible insights from WattShop show just how much sits behind attempting and breaking a record like this. It also backs up one of our favourite sayings at HUUB ‘It’s what you don’t see that makes you faster.’ And Ashton Lambie certainly proved himself to be faster in his World Record attempt, firmly cementing his name in the history books!