Celebrating 10 years of the Brownlees

Celebrating 10 years of the Brownlees

We embarked on a partnership ten years ago that changed the HUUB world forever. It started with a phone call on the drive of the then office (my garage), inviting us to propose a partnership with the two most remarkable triathletes of their generation and, in reality, ever to don a British vest. It was one of the moments where you say, now is the time to be bold and brave to work with the best in the business, or shy away and forever look back thinking "what if".

Thankfully we took the leap, and since then, the world of HUUB has been so much better for having Alistair and Jonny in it! Immediately we were more respected... People questioned what this small company did that enticed these two athletes to join them and use their equipment. Curiosity arose, and the rest, as they say, is history. We are a small part of their success, but they are a huge part of ours. Alistair, Jonny, I'm still in awe, I still pinch myself, and I'm still so grateful for the high standards you set and how we are driven to be so much better because you are involved.

That first photo shoot ten years ago, I took my son, and I was dead impressed to show him and my daughters that dad had this fantastic opportunity only 14 months from his £25,000 investment to start up HUUB. As you can see below, Alistair and Jonny haven't changed much, but young Seth certainly has grown as much as we have.

Brownlees and Seth

Alistair & Jonny - Thank you for the trust you put in us. We will forever be grateful!

Dean Jackson