Goodbye & Good Luck: Gordon Benson & Elliot Smales

Goodbye & Good Luck: Gordon Benson & Elliot Smales

We have encountered some remarkable triathletes in our 12 years of creating the world's best triathlon products. Many have come into triathlon and then left, whilst others are still to be seen on commentary, coaching on the sidelines, or simply supporting the sport.

Most of these we stay friends with, friends for life... Those who have helped take HUUB to new levels and remained loyal to the end. We're sad to see two of those leaving the sport as we know it, but we're sure we'll see them play a supporting role in the future.

Gordon Benson and Elliot Smales have decided to hang up their wheels and take on new challenges. I want to thank them both sincerely. 

Gordon was one of our first athletes and came to us through our connections with the Brownlees. We encountered a young athlete with incredible ability, tremendous determination, and someone you cannot help but like, immensely. 

We have seen Gordon compete at the Olympics and countless World Series and World Cup events alongside some domestic favourites. Gordon has been and will always be remembered as a powerhouse of the sport and someone who just got on with it. 

Gordon, thank you for having faith in us to provide you with the best equipment, thank you for supporting us, thank you for always being a most loyal ambassador, good luck in your next endeavours and know that there will always be a piece of rubber waiting for you should you decide to return, either competitive or coaching.

Elliot Smales joined us, showing incredible talent and the ability to take on the greats, especially in 70.3 racing. 2018 saw a trio of Ironman 70.3 wins in Staffordshire, Dun Laoghaire and Weymouth. A year later, he won IRONMAN 70.3 Sweden before finishing the season with an impressive IRONMAN debut of 8:01:22 in Barcelona, showing his true pedigree.

Elliot was a regular down at the HUUB office and events, supporting us not only with product input and showcasing our products at the front of the pack but also there to support others in charity events. 

Elliot, again, thank you for being the most wonderful ambassador and an even greater human being in your support of HUUB. We hope this isn't the last we see of you, and we look forward to sharing stories over a few pints in the coming years.

A great big thank you to two outstanding athletes who made our past 12 years of business that much better.. Thank you gents!