HUUB and Her Spirit

HUUB and Her Spirit

Here at HUUB, we are excited to launch our new all-female Her Spirit range.

As a community Her Spirit are on a mission to support women of all abilities to get fitter, stronger and healthier in body and mind.

We love working with Her Spirit because regardless of your ability, location, or stage of life they have something for you. An inclusive bunch of women who believe that being fit and healthy shouldn't be a chore but something you love to do. Her Spirit support each other to live life to the full, achieving goals that seemed impossible and truly living the “Together We've Got This” mantra.

At HUUB, we focus wholly on the athlete and maximising both performance and comfort. We know how important being active is for health and well-being, be it for those taking their first steps or elite athletes driving for speed. It's what drives us to make our products available to all. 

Her Spirit commented that… ‘Together we will develop a range of products, that women feel proud of, and enable them to want to be more active and feel part of a vibrant community of like-minded women.’

At HUUB and Her Spirit, we could not be prouder of our new range. Developed with the best input, factories and designers and aiming to offer solutions for every woman. The HUUB x Her Spirit range will ensure you feel comfortable and confident whether you are training or competing.